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We're here for everyone, from beginners to experts. Construction clients, laborers and handymen can find what they need on our shelves and along our walls. Our great customer service values mean we're always available to help you find what you're looking for.

We keep our prices affordable. You'll be amazed at the quality products and great prices you find at Buckner Surplus. Call 816-650-5252 now to speak with a representative from our hardware store in Buckner, MO.

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You'll find everything you're looking for and more at Buckner Surplus. Our hardware store provides you with all the tools and materials you need to tackle any challenge. Whether you're building a treehouse or renovating your bathroom, you can count on us to sell all the products you want to use.

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Large Selection of Trailers For Sale


Whether you need to move a piece of furniture across town or haul a trailer load to the dump, Buckner Surplus has the right trailer for you. From Bulldog to Wesco, you are sure to find teh perfect open trailer for all your needs. Call us today for more information on getting you hooked up with a trailer from Buckner Surplus.

16' EW Flatbed Tandem Dovetail RC Ptd Flr 7000 GVW $2199

16' EW Flatbed Tandem Dovetail RC Ptd Flr 7000 GVW $2199

6.5 x 14 Utility Sngl Ptd Flr 4' Gate 2990 GVW $1529

6.5 x 14 Utility Sngl Ptd Flr 4' Gate 2990 GVW $1529

5x10 Utility Sngl Trtd Flr 4' Gate 1200 GVW $1015

5x10 Utility Sngl Trtd Flr 4' Gate 1200 GVW $1015

Browse our wide selection of tools for sale

We have plenty of tools for sale on our shelves. Load up your tool belt with hammers, pliers and screwdrivers to suit your carpentry and handyman needs. Whether you work with a contracting company or are just handling some DIY stuff around the house, you can find everything you need here.

Not sure where to find something? Ask one of our friendly staff members. We probably have it, and we're happy to show you to the right section of the store. Visit our shop today to pick out some new tools for sale in Buckner, MO.

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I've had top-notch service with window repairs, and had great luck scouring the shelves for exotic hardware that I've needed for my antique rehab project. They are open to dickering if the object of your desires is damaged or just not selling so I give this farm supply store a five-star rating for redneckian expertise in all things country.


They have that old 1950s mall and Paul hardware store feel with low prices and great customer service! Everything you would need in one shop without the Big Box store problems.


Great place. Nicest people in town